My Documentary ‘As It Happened’

Set in Aida Refugee Camp, it is about retired Australian theatre director Ray Goodlass supporting a number of students from Alrowwad Arts and Culture Centre to write their own stories into a series of small plays. It was incredible having the chance to witness the humanity and normality of these amazing young adults clashing with the quirky Ray and his determination to enforce rules of punctuality.


The students were incredible despite their busy schedule. Each of the stories represented a piece in their own lives that meant something to them and it was very emotional being a part of the small audience of 30 people in this one-show only at Aida Refugee Camp where I was able to capture them perform.

It is not an academy award winning documentary feature, but it is certainly a heartwarming film that I hope will enable me to raise funds for this amazing little centre for young people and women that teaches non-violent means of expression through the creative arts.


Learning everything from scratch was incredibly difficult! How to use a Panasonic G4 for filming – particularly run-and-gun situations that I found myself in – and to do so with no lighting equipment of my own in dark places. The next was the audio, the editing in particular and using Premier Pro. I learnt my way through youtube videos! And finally exporting into 4k and all the mistakes I learnt along the way, I am proud to say that I did it all on my own and with no prior experience.

It was slightly awkward when I got to the credits and realised I was the only one on there! I am very happy that I can use this as a means for fundraising for the centre and I will try to send it to film festivals, otherwise it will be available for viewing online in early April.