Can Anybody Hear Me?

“Can anybody hear me?”
I turn and peer into the darkness,
My mind a little weary.
The altitude kaleidoscope the chorus
Of a formless song. Sing,
“I’m here. I’m here.”

The volcanic light beneath my feet,
Erupting smoke pirouettes over me.
A gentle hand, a stroke across the cheek.
“Mother? Is that you?” Succumbed to ennui.
I choke, the fumes sting as I sing,
“I’m here. Can you see me?”

A painting of colours, a golden heart
Beating blood of gemstones. Love,
So much love. So much love. Discard.
Suffocate the turtledove.
In the darkness I cry,
“Can anyone see me? Can anyone see?”

“I’m here. I’m here. Can anybody hear me?”
“I can hear you,” he said. Blue eyes
That whispered in the silent debris.
A heartless man in disguise.
“Where are you?” I cried. Please sing,
“I’m here. I’m here.”

Black laughter echo into the shadows,
The devil eats the flesh of love, and the
Drumming feet of the gestapo
Tap slowly towards my frightened heart.
Beat. Beat. Beat. I curl my lips. “Shhh.
Stay silent. Stay silent.”

“I should be happy with what I have.”
Following, copying, tricking the truth.
An ornament of love put on display.
A decoration on the mantel, a ruse.
“Where are you?” I whisper.
“Because I am here. I’m here.”